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​   吉岡正樹 展






(11/29.30 12/1はメールにて要予約)


於 物|事 田疇 宍粟市山崎町上牧谷713


1 「サササ と木」




12月10、11日(土・日)の2回開催。10AM-4PM 5時間。参加費6千円。



OZAKI omote.jpg



Closed on 7, 8, 9 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

open 10:00 - close 16:00

Solo exhibitions held at 5 venues throughout 2021
It will finally be held at the final venue
Things|Things The theme of the exhibition at Tagate is
"wear the button"
This theme, which is also the origin of OZAKI,
Focusing on items using "thread buttons" used for the first time in production this time
We will be exhibiting and selling along with our previous works.

OZAKI  Ikuko Ozaki

*Days in the galleryAll day on the 3rd and 12th.Others will be in the gallery from around 13:00


Kodo Chijiiwa

Solo exhibition

Dialogue with flow




Writer's day 10/23

Opening days Sat, Sun, Mon

at things


Takamichi Chijiiwa is a photographer based in Yakushima who is active around the world.

With a camera in hand, I think between confrontation and assimilation in harsh nature.

In front of a work that is not a so-called landscape photograph, you should be familiar with each land.

I thought that it would be an opportunity to reconsider the landscape, and asked for it to be held.



Related project

Takamichi Chijiiwa "Instant moment tableau | -Twinkling tableau-"

11:30-17:00 Closed Mon, Tue, Wed

For about two weeks from January 2020, I will be exhibiting the works I created while staying at Art space M1997 located in Matata, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture.


ordinary and natural architectureIs there a beautiful normal?

Akio Kamiya Architectural Laboratory


We are pleased to announce that we will be holding an architectural exhibition at the gallery that we designed.

The houses on display here pursue beautiful and ordinary, inspired by human psychology and behavior,

It was born from the accumulation of ordinary and plain things.

Due to the corona crisis, many people are starting to realize the value of being normal.

I can't see the end of the day, but please take your feet.

Date September 25th (Sat) −  October 10th (Sun)

​ Venue Thing |

On days other than Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays when the gallery is openEmailPlease make a reservation at

Opening hours from 10:00 to 16:00

Akio Kamiya

1953 Born in Okayama City
1974 Graduated from Akashi National College of Technology, Department of Architecture
1987 Established PLUS Architectural Institute
1994 Renamed to Akio Kamiya Architectural Laboratory

Akashi National College of Technology Department of Architecture, Mukogawa Women's University Department of Architecture Part-time Lecturer

black house
See the gable roof behind the two-tiered horizontal roof
A living room that incorporates the scenery of rice paddies into the room
The dirt floor at the entrance receives the setting sun, and the light mosaic colors the space.
House in Nishi Ueda
Looking at the main house from Nagayamon
Entrance. The family crest is inscribed on the roof tiles at the eaves
Through the hall from the entrance dirt floor
See the two-room tatami room
House in Kamimakitani

Appearance of residential building and gallery building

The roof of the gallery echoes the mountain behind


Dining room/living room. A serene landscape spreads out from the window

You can see the fukinuki in the back



The ridgepole is a light roof with a string beam.

past exhibitions
From here.

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