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About medicinal tea


Things 40 minutes north of Kototaki along the valley, utilizing a former kindergarten in Ichinomiya-cho, Shiso City, we sell Chinese herbal tea, plants, flowers, accessories, clothes, etc.

"Sasasa" who is doing various activities. I moved here last year with the aim of living in a place with a lot of nature and making things in that environment.

Based on a variety of blended teas, "calendar tea" is also made using seasonal ingredients from Shiso City.

In the summer, I participated in a kudzu thread workshop organized by Sasasa as part of these activities.Kudzu, who was told that this is the place, said,

Weeds were everywhere.

When the kudzu fibers that had been boiled and softened in a pot were loosened in the river, beautiful translucent fibers gradually appeared.

After finishing the work, I straightened my hips and looked up at the scenery, which was different from a while ago.

At that time, I now experienced something and got the feeling that something was working.

Landscapes and actions that emerge in the same way as art, music, and literature.

I felt that Sasasa is an artist.

We wanted to function as something like a footpath that connects seemingly unrelated A and B, and aimed for a space and experience that would create a new landscape. Tell them about the background and concept, and drink the herbal tea they interpreted.

I would like to experience it, so I asked you this time. We hope you will enjoy it once.


things | things

Thanks to you we were able to sell everything.

Thank you for your patronage.


Sassasa's medicinal tea, which was well received last time,
This time, we blended it as a spring Chinese herbal tea.

The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom, and the stove is about to end.
The sunshine of spring gradually loosens the body that has been shriveled up during the winter.
However, as the new fiscal year begins, the temperature difference and hay fever overlap, and you may feel lethargic.

I feel like there are many.
This time, it is a blend of mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum flowers, fennel, and marika tea.
How about taking a break with a cup of spring tea, like a piece of poetry?

The scent is the star this time.
With an image that Mr. Tagata's other fields are mixed,
The rustic scent of local Shiso mulberry leaves and the spicy scent of incense,

In addition, the scent of Marika tea (jasmine tea), which is often drunk in Okinawa, is combined.

It's a blended tea.
It is a spring field herbal tea with chrysanthemum flowers that complement the "liver" like spring.


Reproduction, duplication, modification, etc. of images is prohibited.

Thanks to you we were able to sell everything.
Thank you for your patronage.

The image is a thing|thing Mr. Tagaya's space concept, "Kakehashi"

I want to be a space that connects different fields


I put such an image into Kampo tea


“Mugwort” and “Mulberry Leaf” from Shiso City

“Cinnamon” originated in China, which grows naturally in Okinawa, where the two of them once lived.

Tea made in China "Qimen Tea"


Things that are originally difficult to grow in the same land

Products with different origins and production areas

Blended medicinal tea as a "bridge"


Not only did each aroma, richness and taste harmonize well,

You can also expect the effect of warming the body with herbal medicine to match this season.


Things|It is a Chinese herb tea that I would like you to enjoy in Mr. Tagaya's space.




Reproduction, duplication, modification, etc. of images is prohibited.
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